Ford Floor Mats

Your Ford"s cabin is covered in carpet. Your shoes are covered in dirt, mud and whatever else you"ve stepped in. Between the two are your floor mats. They might not seem important, but because they separate your feet from your vehicle, they can help keep your car"s interior looking good for a long time. When they wear out, you could get a set of mats from the local parts store, but they won"t match the interior color, and more importantly, they won"t fit right. OEM mats are designed by Ford, so they"re built to stay in place, keeping everything covered while ensuring the driver"s mat can"t roll up and jam the brake or gas pedal. 

Where can you get OEM mats? OEM Ford Parts. We carry replacement carpeted mats for models ranging from the Expedition to the Edge or you can upgrade to all weather mats like this set for the Focus. When you type in your VIN or select your car using the menu on our front page, our search engine can find compatible mats for your vehicle. From there, it"s simply matching the color to your interior. Not finding what you"re looking for? Talk to our parts experts by giving us a call or send us your questions via email.